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2 Time Major Champion

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Over three and a half hours of the most in-depth golf instruction that there's ever been with a PGA Tour Champion.

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An in-depth instruction program like you've never seen before

Over the course of few hours, David Toms shares his insights, advice, and secrets learned from playing 30 plus years of professional golf.  Crafted in a way to help you reach your goals and lower your scores no matter what your current level of golf!

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Module 1: Learning To Win

Learn David’s journey  from junior golf to the PGA Tour  and the secrets he used to deal with adversity, handle setbacks, and win at every level.

Module 2: The warm up

Unlock access to a private warm up session with David Toms. Where he will take you through his exact warm up process he uses to get ready to play his best golf on the Tour.  Learn what clubs to hit, in what order, and why.

Module 3: Half Wedges

In this Half Wedge lesson,  David will share with you how to get pinpoint distance control, how to make solid consistent impact,  and how to have full control of your trajectory.


Module 4: Irons

One of the best iron players in professional golf, David walks you through his elite iron play, with instruction on how to hit solid and compressed irons, how to create the correct speed in your arms for the shot at hand,  and  how to create the ideal trajectory and spin to get the ball close to the hole.

Module 5: Hybrids

David shows you why the hybrid is the “the greatest thing ever!” Discover the weather to sweep the ball or take a divot, as well as how to control the shape of your hybrid  shots and trajectory  to give you maximum benefit from this versatile club.

Module 6: Driver

One of the most efficient drivers in PGA Tour history, David shows you exactly how to perfect your timing between irons and the Driver, how to hit fades and draws, and how to increase the consistency of center contact.

Module 7: Pitching

David shows you how to make solid and consistent contact, how to simplify your pitching from multiple lies, how  to add spin like a tour player and much more!


Module 8: Bunkers

David shows you how to get out of the bunkers with the  secrets he’s learned from his many years on tour.  This full bunker lesson will have you getting up and down instead of fearing this shot.


Module 9: Chipping

Discover how to read your chip shots, judge speed, and make consistent contact every time you’re around the green.


Module 10: Putting

In this complete putting breakdown, David will walk you through his entire putting routine. Read greens, perfect your speed, and take your putting to an entirely new level!


Total Value $199

Get on a live call with David Toms!   David wants to make sure you get the most our of this program.  During this call he will answer any questions you have and give you even deeper insights into how you can take your game to the next level.  

Total Value $199

In this bonus we show you a never been done before, in-depth analysis of what makes David's swing so consistent year after year.  Using the Gears 3D motion analysis system we break down David's swing and show you how to incorporate key elements of his motion into your swing!

Total Value $99

In this bonus you will get a downloadable guide detailing David's pre-round routine that allows him to get in the correct mindset and warm up his body to perform at a high level.  If you struggle taking your range game to the golf course, this guide will give you a step-by-step plan to get ready to play your best golf every time you tee it up.      






Get Started Right Now

One Time Payment of just $297

Get Started Right Now

3 Payments of just $99

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