Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Very simple, you can cancel anytime for any reason.  Our goal is to continually earn your business.  We don't lock you into a long term commitment, instead we try to produce the best content we can to help your game and keep you happy as a member.

You have 24hrs from first login to request a refund.  Full access to your membership content is granted on day 1, we don't believe in dripping the content you pay for over long periods of time.  A tight refund policy helps us protect our digital property while discouraging “tire kickers” and “info bandits.” 

Upgrading your membership is as easy as contacting our support team at and letting them know which membership you'd like to upgrade to.  We'll take care of the rest for you!

If you'd like to change or update your payment info, please email our support team and they will send you a link to make the necessary changes.

All you need to do it send our support team a cancelation request email.  You'll receive a confirmation email when your membership is canceled.

Cancelations made after a billing cycle will go in effect for the next cycle.

Contact Questions

Our support email is or you can click on “Contact” at the bottom of any page.

We're all golfers too, and we know no one ever really stops thinking about their swing.  So feel free to reach out to us 24/7.  We respond as quickly as possible.

Absolutely!  Let us know if you need something covered that we haven't done yet.  This is your membership, and we'll do our best to help you any way we can.  Send your suggestions to

Swing Questions

Yes.  We have two ways to accept swings for Shaun and Mike's analysis.

1. AMG+ Membership – All AMG+ members can post their swings on the private forum for review.  It's not only encouraged, it's recommended in order to progress through the Swing System.

2. iLessons – schedule an online lesson with the guys.  These are private 1-on-1 lessons where they review your swing and make a video for you explaining the changes and corrections they recommend you make.

Unfortunately we can't.  At least not yet.  Anytime you see us use a GEARS image, that means the golfer had to physically get in the suit and make swings.  As technology continues to improve, that will probably change.  But for now, the only way to have a swing in GEARS is to physically capture the swing during an in-person lesson.

We don't.  The reason we find so much value in tech like GEARS is it lets us see exactly what great golf swings have in common.  It's these handful of key traits that we teach.  Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, so the look will always vary.  But regardless of how different the swing might appear, there are still some key measurable similarities that great swings share.  There's lots of room for individuality when those elements are in place.

Because it happens first.  Because it's the slowest moving part of the swing which provides the biggest opportunity to effect the downswing.  And because the backswing is 75% of the overall time of the swing from address to impact.  When the backswing is good, the downswing is more reactionary than compensatory.