The "Over The Top" Fix That Helps Golfers Of ALL Skill Levels Unlock Consistency, Control, and Distance In Their Swing

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Dear Golfer,

In the next few minutes, I'll show you how to claim a free copy of our brand new Over The Top Video Program.

You'll see proof that what's inside can help players of all levels.

From beginners all the way to PGA Tour Champions. 

Let's face it…

We’ve all been there before…

You crush a drive straight down the middle of the fairway…

Only to throw it all away the very next shot by taking a huge divot…

Hitting it fat…

And leaving the ball 50+ yards short of your target.

Or even worse…

Hitting a thin dart that goes a mile past the flag on an approach shot.

There’s nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than slices, shanks, toe balls or consistently making poor contact and losing distance. 

But what if I told you there was one easy fix that can quickly bring consistency to your swing…

Allowing you to dial in all of your club distances…

And finally play with confidence knowing that each shot will end up exactly where you want it to be.

It’s the same simple fix that will help you finally stop hitting “pop up” drives that leave “dummy marks” on top of your driver.

Once installed in your swing, you’ll finally get the carry you’re looking for…

Instead of hitting drives that back up in the fairway without any roll.

Imagine no more lost balls, no more embarrassment in front of your friends…

And no more frustration…

At least within this part of your game…

(Who are we kidding, golf will ALWAYS be frustrating!)

That’s exactly what can happen once you follow the new training we’ve put together for you…

Introducing Over The Top

Over The Top gives you a step-by-step blueprint to finally stop coming over the top of your shots by shallowing the the club on the downswing.  

This guarantees a consistent strike that is powerful, controllable, and repeatable.

Inside you'll discover:

But before I get too far ahead of myself…

Allow me to introduce myself and my business partner Shaun Webb.

We'll be helping you take your golf game to the next level as fast as possible

Shaun has been helping golfers improve and develop for nearly 20 years. 

As a member of the PGA, he has been featured numerous times in Golf Digest, co-authored a successful instruction book and worked with players at every level of the game…

From junior golfers to Major Champions on the PGA Tour. 

I've been able to make a little name for myself through my unique dynamic movement training that has allowed me to work with athletes from the PGA Tour, European Tour, Tour, LPGA Tour, and every level of amateur golfer. 

I like to help golfers across swing faster, safer and more naturally so they can hit the ball farther, shoot lower scores, and have more fun playing this great game.

Now that that's out the way. Let me get back to Over the Top and some more of what you'll find inside like…

One simple trick that turns your slice into a powerful draw for more distance

Inside of Over The Top you'll discover a simple trick that can transform your slice into a powerful draw for much more distance.

This trick is easy to implement and extremely powerful.

So powerful that one of our players added instant distance with it.

In fact, he went on to become a Tour Champion just a week ago.

You see, when PGA Champions Tour Winner Doug Barron came to us…

He was struggling to hit his power draw that he was accustomed to hitting his entire career.

He was making the one mistake in transition… 

That was making it impossible for him to get into the slot with a shallow downswing and get his ball to draw. 

Once he implemented this concept  (including the our “go-to” drill for this issue) he was back to hitting his draw.

He went on to then place 5th in the Senior British Open…

And WIN the very next week at the Dicks Sporting Goods Open on the PGA Champions Tour.

But that's just one of the dirty little secrets you'll discover in Over The Top.

You'll also discover…

The "Figure 8" Hip Motion...

That allowed Doug to shift to his lead side at the correct time in his swing.  

By doing this instead of “loading up on his trail leg…” 

He was not only able to slot the club easier on the downswing…

But also hit into a firm lead side…

A huge key to solid and compressed shots.

Inside of Over the Top you'll learn so many groundbreakings tips and tricks for transforming your golf game…


I can assure you that the information inside this system will do wonders for your game.

The normal "over-the-top" fixes that you've heard before just don't work

That's because they tend to focus too much on impact and not enough of what happens leading up to impact.  

This is because golfers tend to believe that if they just focus on impact, everything else will fall into place… this just isn't true.  

The problem is…

Impact is just a result of what has happened before it.  

Fix the issues leading up to impact and BOOM!  

Your over-the-top is gone forever… 

And you're hitting it longer and straighter than you ever have before

So how much will it cost you to get your hands on all our over-the-top fixes?

Let me put it to you like this…

To get even a taste of results that Over The Top will install into your swing…

You’d typically have to fly down to us (in Louisiana or Georgia)…

Grab a hotel…

And then take an Uber to our facility to train with us in person (Starting at $250 an hour).

Conservatively it’d take at least 3-4 hours to cover all of the training within Over The Top…

And work it into your swing. 


Not even counting your flight and hotel costs, you’re already in at least $1,000! 

And with even the best flights and cheapest hotel or Airbnb, you’re in $1,500 bucks minimum. 

Honestly, that’s not bad…

Considering we will completely adapt your ball flight forever…

Allowing you to hit more fairways and greens…

Avoiding any nervous or embarrassing miscues in the future.  

But what happens when you get back on the plane to head home?  

You’ll have to retain EVERYTHING you were told…

And that’s a LOT to ask…

As we will be throwing so much impactful information your way. 

Simply put…

People forget. 

And no matter how hard you try, you won’t remember it all.  

But, great news… 

We’ve remedied this situation. 

With Over The Top, you’ll get access to all the videos for LIFE.

No need to worry about retaining everything at once. 

You can watch each lesson and implement at your own pace…

And the information and drills in Over The Top will be just as effective 10 years from now as they are today!  

So rest assured you’ll be getting the results on your schedule- not rushed in a 3-4 hour training session with us. 

Even better…

We’re not going to charge you $1,500 dollars for Over The Top..

In fact, Over The Top will cost you less than 1/10 that price!

That’s right, normally Over The Top would only cost one single payment of just $147!   

But… this is no “Normal” week!  

For this week only…

As we launch Over The Top- you’re going to pay…


You get the point…

That’s right!

During the launch for Over The Top, you can get lifetime access for FREE. 

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AMG All-Access has you covered!

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If you’re thinking AMG All-Access “sounds too good to be true”, well trust me, we get that a lot…

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Swing Formula $497 INCLUDED!

The A to Z program that builds YOUR perfect golf swing! 
The most complete swing training course available anywhere online, we’ve proudly sold Swing Formula on our website for $497 to very happy clients!
With the Swing Formula you will finally have the blueprint to build your golf swing from the ground up. 
You will have a deep understanding what makes the swing work at a high level and how to apply it to your own swing. 
By following this step-by-step formula (which we've successfully applied to our in-person clients including PGA Tour Players )… 
You’ll be more consistent, longer and have a swing that will be the envy of all your golfing buddies. 
Not only will you have a beautiful looking swing, it will perform for you on the course, under pressure, when it counts! 

Wedge Mastery

In the series we take you through the skills and concepts needed to master all the shots you’ll encounter around the greens. 
Turning 3 shots into 2 requires mastery of the wedge, and this program will have you getting up and down and scoring lower. 
Included you will find:
  • Trajectory control
  • Spinning the ball like a tour player
  • Pitching from tight lies and hardpan
  • Wedging it from the rough
  • Bunker mastery

Stop Fat Shots

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting fat shots.
Besides the shank, it could be the most debilitating shot in golf.
In this video series we take you through the reasons why you hit fat shots then give you drills and exercises to get rid of this shot once and for all.
 Included you will find solutions to these fat shot issues:
  • The upper body hang back
  • The reverse pivot
  • The cast
  • The slide

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— Mike Granato
Co-owner, Athletic Motion Golf
P.S. Over The Top gives you a step-by-step blueprint to finally stop coming over the top of your shots by shallowing the the club on the downswing.  

This guarantees a consistent strike that is powerful, controllable, and repeatable.

When you join today, you'll get over $842 of bonuses for free. But you have to hurry because when the clock on the page hits 00:00 this deal is gone for good.

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