Consistently hitting the ball solid with distance is the hallmark of a good swing.

In these training courses you'll learn the key elements the most consistent players in the game rely on. Then we'll show you step-by-step how to develop those same elements in your swing.

Mastering Weight & Pressure

Your footwork is the foundation for everything that happens above it. If you can get this correct, the rest of the swing becomes dynamic and powerful. In this series you will learn the step-by-step process for using the ground properly to build a motion that is balanced, powerful, and consistent. This in-depth series is a must for any golfer looking to add more distance to their game!

Spine Angle Fix:
Early Extension Cure

In this step-by-step training program you'll learn how to finally stop losing your spine angle in the downswing, a move that kills solid contact and robs you of distance. You'll understand how to create and maintain the perfect spine angles that will allow you to compress the ball like you never have before.

David Toms:
Ball Striking Master Class

David Toms is one of the most consistent and accurate ball strikers in the past 40 years.  He shares his strategies and techniques for getting the most out of your physical abilities.  His formula will show you how to prepare and compete (and beat) against bigger and faster athletes.  If you're serious about the game, and want to know what it takes compete and succeed at any level, this is a must-have series.

Over The Top Fix

In this course we tackle the most common swing fault. We’ll show you how to attack the ball from shallow and inside rather than from steep and across. You’ll also learn how to make a backswing that will virtually eliminate that urge to swing out and over the top. This training program is geared for anyone finally looking to fix their over the top move.

Flight Fix: Tour Secrets of the
Left Arm

There's a big reason this is the most popular training series we've created to date. The left arm is responsible for a number of critical elements in the swing.  You'll learn exactly how the lead arm should move throughout the swing. You'll discover some of the most mis-understood ideas about the swing in this course. Flight Fix is a game changer for anyone looking to add speed to their downswing and compression to their shots!

Fat Shot Fix

In this course we take a deep look at the three causes for the #1 bad shot in golf. You’ll learn what those causes are, and most importantly, you’ll learn to make the necessary changes in your swing to eliminate the fat shot from your game. Then we’ll show you the drills to make sure they stay a thing of the past. This course is all about getting you to hit more solid!

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