Fix these 3 BIG

swing faults in

your swing today.


Big Fault #1

Poor sequencing and timing.

More than 93% of the amateur golfers we measure have problems with how and when they shift their weight during the swing. This leads to serious issues with the sequence and timing of your swing. Moving your weight and pressure poorly is a sure fire way to lose distance and consistency on the course.

The fix:

Big Fault #2

Losing spine angle.

When your hips thrust forward towards the golf ball during the swing, you're forced to make a series of compensations in the downswing. Some days you might time it well, but most days this move will leave you frustrated. Learning to swing around a consistent spine angle will make you swing markedly more consistent.

The fix:

Big Fault #3

Poor left arm movement.

The movements you make with your left arm in the backswing determine consistently and powerfully you'll be able to deliver the club in the downswing. The amateur golfers that we measure tend to make one damaging move late in the backswing that severely hinders their downswing. It's a move you want to fix.

The fix:

These are the 3 BIG faults we see everyday in our online and in-person lessons.

And these are the training series that thousands of golfers across the world have used to remove this faults from their swings.

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The answers to our most frequently asked questions.

YES.  You pay just $97 once for these three training series, and enjoy lifetime access to all three.

You will only be charged once.  This is NOT a recurring membership.

You will have lifetime access to all three training series.  You will also receive free updates when videos are added to the series.

You'll have a login to our membership website where you'll have 24/7 access to all of your videos.  You can access them from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.  You only need an internet connection to watch your videos.

Yes.  If you login and decide that it's just not for you, just let us know at  Because we give you access to all the content up front, rather than drip it to you over weeks and months, we have to protect our selves and our members.  For that reason, we offer refunds only in the first 24hrs from the first login.  

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