Checkpoint 10 Exam

Welcome to the Checkpoint 10 Exam. 

Step 1: complete and pass the question portion of this exam.

Step 2: AMG+ members, post your swings in the forum for review.

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Stopping the club in balance is a hallmark of a good finish.

Finishing with the same grip on the club is another hallmark of a good finish.

At the top of the finish, the club should...

Your body weight should be mostly on your trail foot.

Your body should be extended and erect from both down the line and face on.

The lead arm should fold under the club to support its weight like the trail elbow did in Checkpoint...

Maintain width into the finish like you want to do into the top of the backswing.

You must hold the top of the finish to be a good player.

To complete your exam, post a face on and down the line swing in the forum for review.

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