Checkpoint 3 Exam

Welcome to the Checkpoint 3 Exam. 

Step 1: complete and pass the question portion of this exam.

Step 2: AMG+ members, post your swings in the forum for review.

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Both the hands and club should be on plane in Checkpoint #3.

Being on plane here allows you to...

Relative to time, Checkpoint 3 is the half way point of the golf swing.

The body should be re-centered at this point in the golf swing.

The shoulders and hips are...

The lead arm should be angled inside the target line by...

It's not possible to rotate and move laterally at the same time.

A good golf swing is physically easier to make than a bad golf swing.

By Checkpoint 3, you should have completed ________ of your rotation.

As the body rotates, the arms should...

To complete your exam, post a face on and down the line swing in the forum for review.

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