Checkpoint 5 Exam

Welcome to the Checkpoint 5 Exam. 

Step 1: complete and pass the question portion of this exam.

Step 2: AMG+ members, post your swings in the forum for review.

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92% of the 1 second you have from address to impact is gone by Checkpoint 5.

The hands and arms _____ to shallow the club.

You are not shallow enough until the club head is well below the plane line.

As the club lowers, the upper body should...

Look to get your pressure...

The goal should be to rotate as quickly as you can from the top.

From down the line, moving the hands outward from the top shallows the club.

At checkpoint 5, the lower body should have moved...

The window between Checkpoints 4 and 5 is where the arms lower the most and the hands accelerate the fastest.

At this point in the downswing, the trail elbow is...

To complete your exam, post a face on and down the line swing in the forum for review.

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