Checkpoint 8 Exam

Welcome to the Checkpoint 8 Exam. 

Step 1: complete and pass the question portion of this exam.

Step 2: AMG+ members, post your swings in the forum for review.

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The club should exit impact moving back up the plane.

"Swinging left" is...

From down the line, the hands should be in line with or just below the club head.

Being able to extend the arms post impact comes from...

"Bird dogging" is allowing the upper body to forward bend post impact.

The lead leg should be straightening through impact into the follow through.

From the top view, the club at Checkpoint 8 should mirror the club at Checkpoints 2 and 6.

Keeping the trail foot down through impact will limit your ability to rotate.

To complete your exam, post a face on and down the line swing in the forum for review.

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