Checkpoint 9 Exam

Welcome to the Checkpoint 9 Exam. 

Step 1: complete and pass the question portion of this exam.

Step 2: AMG+ members, post your swings in the forum for review.

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From down the line, the lead elbow should re-appear before the club head.

The club face should be pointing at...

Lear arm should now be folding while the trail arm is fairly straight.

There is symetry between Checkpoint 9 and Checkpoint...

Keep your head down as long as possible in the follow through.

The trail foot, knee, and hip should continue to release into the follow through.

Keep the lead elbow in front of your side shirt seam.

Try to maintain the same upper body side bend you had at impact.

To complete your exam, post a face on and down the line swing in the forum for review.

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