Recording Your Swing Exam

Welcome to the Recording Your Swing Exam. 

Please complete and pass before moving on to the next course in the System.

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How many steps away from the golfer should the camera be placed?

How high should the camera lens be from the ground?

The camera never lies.

From down the line, the camera should be behind the...

Holding the camera at chest height is good for seeing the golfer's...

Using the "Pro" method, the 3 balls (or stick) should run along the golfer's...

Following the steps outlined in this course will give you the most accurate representation of what the golfer is actually doing during the swing.

Placing the camera higher than suggested will cause the club to appear more shallow than it actually is.

Placing the camera towards the target line will cause an on plane club to look...

The vast majority of swings found on TV and online are filmed from proper camera angles.

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